For rich, not poor – it’s even worse than the Spectator reports

Today’s Spectator reports that marriage is becoming the preserve of the rich.

It’s certainly heading that way. New data commissioned from the Office for National Statistics shows that the marriage gap – the difference between those better off vs worse off who are married – has risen from 24% in 2001 to 48% today.

First of all, I need to congratulate Fraser Nelson of the Spectator for asking ONS a question I should have asked myself.

However the reality is worse than he is reporting. I haven’t seen his data, which looks like it comes from the regularly updated Labour Force Survey.

I have data from the 2011 Census which puts the marriage gap quite a bit higher.

  • Whereas 52% of ‘higher managerial’ white collar workers (AB) are married, only 29% of ‘semi-skilled or unskilled’ blue collar workers (DE) are married.
  • That makes a marriage gap of nearly double.

But when you look only at households with dependent children – which is what piques the interest of policy makers – the gap is bigger still.

  • Among white collar workers, 74% of parents are married, compared to 33% among blue collar workers.
  • That means that parents in the ‘higher managerial’ bracket are more than twice as likely to be married compared to those in the ‘semi-skilled or unskilled’ bracket.

The chart below shows the gap more clearly. It also shows how the better-off shun cohabitation and how lone parenthood is now the norm among those who earn least.

35 Social grade and marriage with children

AB Higher and intermediate managerial/administrative/professional occupations
C1 Supervisory, clerical and junior managerial/administrative/professional occupations
C2 Skilled manual occupations
DE Semi-skilled and unskilled manual occupations; unemployed and lowest grade occupations


One thought on “For rich, not poor – it’s even worse than the Spectator reports

  1. Sir

    This is fascinating.

    British Asian professionals will understand, with largely stable families (supported by communal stigma against adultery and divorce), that their children are likely to race ahead in education compared to the chidren of white blue collar competitors (majority of whom are bastards (born out of wedlock)).

    British Asians as they advance through economic and then social ‘gates’ (the accumulation of wealth gives one access to superior social circles), for example through marriages forged at universities (expensive) with the daughters and sons of the white British middle-class, will leave the children of white blue collar workers behind.

    Such familes are likely to evacuate densely populated multi-racial areas for suburban and rural areas (as my family has done – for the latter). I no longer have to examine the street scene in the reflection of a shop window to assess if someone is selecting me as a potential target for robbery.

    What is fascinating is that the blue collar, the natural social stratum of Labour party support, has been eroded – by the (anti) Socialist. First they told the blue collar man and woman that they could escape the stigma of pregnancy through contra-ceptives; then when the left-liberals realised (through statistics) that they had unleashed lust and smashed self-control and eroded social stigma amongst the ‘working-class’ they introduced abortion (as a contra-ceptive) to conceal the moral, emotional and social devastation. When they understood that the marital vows of fidelity had withered they told my white ‘working-class’ neighbours – that divorce is available. As children, we began reading ‘adverts’ on divorce petitions in the local press (these ‘adverts’ no longer appear as broken wedding vows are as common as litter in the streets).

    What the Socialist did not tell us, through contraception to abortion, to divorce, was this: you will never enjoy trust, faithfulness, intimacy in all their bliss and security ever again. Through increasing taxation we, all, have to pay for the ‘Grand Socialist Sociological Brain’.

    So my blue collar neighbours erect the ‘For Sale’ board – and announce to the neighbourhood: ‘It’s all over – all those years.’ Little Tom and Jenny still walk to school. Jenny wants Dad to stay, ‘Daddy, don’t leave – she cries through the silent hot tears streaming down her red cheeks (after Mommy has switched of the light).

    Tom, like his Dad’s personality now (cold, calculating – adultery – ‘Et tu Brutus’?) believes he is tough (how else can he be?). (Tom’s Dad betrayed his Mum, his sister, Tom, Mugsy (the northern European cat with a pink nose); their grandparents: ‘Honour your Mother and Father’.

    Tom – accepts – handing over others – that you ‘love’ – for example to the State – Praetorian Guard – Gestapo – NKVD – FSB – CIA| – MI6 (child abuse) – is just how the world works.

    Tomorrow, Tom is going, through hurt, jack-in his school work. His new Dad is the ‘Hood in the neighbourHood’.

    Now they tell ‘us’ (at school) that ‘gender’, ‘sex’ are mere social constructs. That toilets and shower rooms for our daughters are open to boys who have declared themselves as ‘transgendered’. The nakedness of our sons (sport, competitive, and war excepted) and daughters is supposed to be only open to their opposite sex marriage partners (nakedness is an issue of privacy followed by intimacy with one’s husband or wife).

    Yesterday, we read an article about some Christians in a small province, near enough the size of Israel: Northern Ireland.

    You see, Sir, there are some Christians who refuse to bake a pink cake for a DC to DC rather than an AC to DC couple. Can you imagine that? Christians refusing to bend their knees to Pharoah, to Caesar, to Hitler, to Obama.

    They must have asked themselves: the State or Yeshua? It is clear that through the payment of taxes they have given to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. It is clear that through their refusal to bake the pink cake they have given to Adonai what belongs to Adonai: rejecting the World.

    The most probing issue in the Bible for me is this: am I a coward?

    If I am? No coward is permitted in that longed for place that men seek: Heaven.

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